From our Vienna headquarters we manage our activities in the following EC countries: Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. Our constant objective is to offer our customers high-quality service and the Fertilizer products they require by leveraging the worldwide network of the HELM Group.

We have warehouses in Stettin (Germany), Koper (Slovenia), and Budapest (Hungary).

Our products are delivered by road, inland waterways or rail freight.

We can provide Fertilizer products either in bulk or Big Bags.

Our products:

  • MAP 11-52
  • DAP 18-46
  • TSP 46%
  • NPK 15:15:15
  • NPK 10:26:26
  • UREA Gran
  • CAN 27%

Your contact:

Juraj Mikos
Sales Manager

Business Unit Fertilizer

Phone:  +43 1 513 38 10
Mobile:  +43 664 883 62 426
Email: juraj.mikos@helmaustria.com