Relationship Marketing

Francesco has been working at HELM Italia for five years, but came into contact with the Company a long time before that, when he worked as Commercial Director of HELM’s most important agrochemicals customer in Italy for several years. This means he’s had the opportunity to get to know the HELM organisation both from a customer as well as an employee perspective, which is certainly unusual!

From the very first meeting with HELM as a customer, Francesco perceived a friendly and transparent relationship with his business partners, who immediately showed their open, flexible approach to the cooperation. And when Francesco changed companies, he continued this approach to business. Today he heads the Agro Department of HELM Italia for both the Fertilizer and Crop Protection divisions.

Francesco is convinced that the initial phase of business with new customers is the key to success: “Generally, a new business cooperation is the result of several factors coming together in fulfilling a common need for both partners. When this happens, 70% of a good relationship with a customer is already in place.”

But how are business contacts cultivated at HELM Italia?
“To maintain a good relationship it’s essential to trust each other”, Francesco explains. “Trust grows through a constant and continuous dialogue with customers – that need not be exclusively based on daily business”, he adds. “In a nutshell, any kind of good personal relationship both inside and outside the Company represents a fundamental asset and contributes to the achievement of future successes.”

“To maintain a good relationship it is essential to trust each other.”